Monday, January 31, 2011

What to do with soda can (part1)

I'm a big fan of Umbra design, most of their products are affordable if you like design; but I wondered if it would be possible to "get inspired" from the wallflowers using soda cans.

The aluminium from soda can is flexible and is easy to give a 3D shape. I have started with the same flower shape, then I also tried butterflies.

The Result

My picture does not look as professional as the original Umbra design, but the aluminum  gives a pretty nice touch to the wall.

The Tools needed

Scissors and double face tape.

The material

A soda can

How to make it

The can can be cut with scissors on each end and then flatten as a rectangle.
It's very easy to find butterflies template on line using any search tool with butterfly as a keyword.
For the flower this is the template I used, just resize it to play with any size you want.

The double face scotch sticks aluminium easily on the wall.

The cost

If you have scissors and tape, the cost is almost nothing, you just have to enjoy your soda cans and keep them for your projects. By the way, keep more because more projects are coming.


It's unbelievable all that can be done with soda can, I'll try to bring more exciting projects later. Stay tuned!


  1. Beautiful! I've seen these in a shop, they cost 25euro and they're made out of plastic. Your version is so much better!

  2. Very nice! How do you get the colors off your can? I mean, for example coca cola butterflies are not really what i'm looking for :)

    1. Tien,
      You have 3 options, like me you can use the other side of the can and leave the printed side facing the wall
      or use Acetone to remove the printing,
      or you can also spray paint to get the color you like.
      Sorry for the late answer, I hope you'll read my reply.
      And thank for stopping by!

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