Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A clock with pendulum for your kitchen

Clocks were the first items I made when I started upcycling. So be ready to see this topic on the blog. Today I'll show you one of my first clock that still stands on my kitchen. It actually has 2 roles: It shows me what time it is and it also hides the glass breaking sensor of my alarm system. I tested this sensor and it is still functional with the clock on it.

The Result:

The tool needed:

A can opener (old fashion way is better for the result)
A drill or dremel


The material:

A can you like
A whisk
A paper clip
A clock mechanism

The cost:
Less than $15
Clock mechanism is $9 with hands, without shipping form clockparts.com, the can and the whisk are not so expensive.

How to make it:
Open then from one side, just half the way to let the pendulum move freely.
Using the drill, gently make a hole to let the shaft of the pendulum go through. The mechanism come with a nut that will maintain the mechanism attached to the can.
To attach the whisk to the pendulum mechanism, a piece of wire such as a paper clip will do it.
You can make a hole on the back of your clock to hang it to a nail.

It's an easy project that will allow many variation in style, I will post plenty of them in the next weeks.

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