Friday, February 25, 2011

Robots made of plumbing and electric supplies

While I'm working on my different projects, there's no way I can update my website so quickly, or maybe should I quit my job.... :-) Kidding.
In the meantime, I want to share some stuff I found on line.
This is one inspired artist who makes Robolamps, his name is Robert Matysiak.
I'm thinking about making one for my son. If this happens, I'll let you know how I made it. But if you made one, don't hesitate to send me picture, I'll be happy to add some of them on this post, with a link to your blog or website.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My ipad holder is highlighted everywhere!

From Gizmodo to Trendhunter, the ipad holder is cited everywhere!
I'm working on new projects and will keep you posted as soon as I can.






Sunday, February 13, 2011

A clock made with bottle and pendulum for a art science contest

Most of the time, my job (Scientist) has nothing to do with ucpcyling stuff, but sometime I can not resist. There are tons of items in a laboratory that are trashed, I usually keep some under my bench...

This is a clock I made with a plastic bottle that usually contains reagent and a pipette that was broken, I decided to enter the clock in the art science contest, let see what people will think about it.

The Result:

The picture is ugly, but the clock is displayed in real conditions, at the top of a door. You'll notice that if somebody opens the door, the pendulum will be in trouble. After the picture, I put an other upcycled clock I made, that has been in the lab for years, same kind but with no pendulum.

The tools needed:

The material:
A pendulum movement that you can buy here.

And any pendulum that can fit the theme of your clock. In my case, a lab pipette.
How to make it:

Make just a hole to attach the movement with the nut provided with it. With the dremel, make a hole in the bottom of the bottle to let the pendulum move freely.
To attach the pipette or any other pendulum, I used a paper clip. Each pendulum has its own way of hanging anyway.

The cost:

Around $10 for the mechanism.


The project is only doable because this bottle has a big neck that allow me to access the inside of the bottle and fit the movement easily. If the bottle you choose is too narrow, then you'll have to make an opening in the back.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 Projects I would like to start and need your feedback.

To keep you updated with my projects. I have been thinking about replicating my way two iconic designs.

The first one is the PH Artichoke lamp from  the designer Poul henningsen.

I'm still trying to find the best way to make the inside frame, but I think, since Easter is approaching, I might use the plastic-eggs shape to support the leaves. I might use milk plastic bottle to make the leaves.

I have not figured this out yet, to be honest, I'm just in the planning process but wanted to share this idea with you. The planning process is the part I like the most. It can take forever, but once I have resolved the problem, the making is usually the easiest part.
If you want to share any ideas with me to resolve the making if this lamp, please feel free to leave a comment! I have a lot of traffic on my website but no comment!!! Please be the one and you'll get all of my gratitude forever!

The second one is a much more difficult project that might never take shape because of my ignorance. I would like to make a chair out of plexiglass or lexan. I have some idea how to make chair out of wood (see the fishbone chair post), but Plexiglass is a brand new field to me. Also, to get everything even more complicated, I want to make the iconic Cherner chair:

Bending Plexiglass is something doable, but cutting it looks more difficult. I'm buying a piece of plexiglass this week end and will try cutting using a jigsaw. If this is possible, that might be an exciting project to come. Please leave your comment!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What to do with soda cans (part2)

I have seen planes on the web made of cans and wanted to give it a try, this is my version of the plane. The first picture is the almost finished plane to give a better idea of what it is made of. Notice the details of the engine made with the tab from the soda cans.

The Result

The tools needed

How to make it

 I got the plan from BC Air,  a website that sells them on line for $9.99 as a pdf. Once you have the basic of making the plane you can really make any plane you want. The pdf is well detailed, and with patience and focus, you will be able to make the plane you want.

The Cost

Beside the plans that cost $10, we usually have everything at home to build this plane, starting with the empty soda cans and the bottle caps (for the wheels and the engine).


Now I have almost finished the plane, I'm starting a triplane that should look like this one and with the tips I found in the construction manual of the first model, I'm not using plan for this one.

From B.C. air Website