Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 Projects I would like to start and need your feedback.

To keep you updated with my projects. I have been thinking about replicating my way two iconic designs.

The first one is the PH Artichoke lamp from  the designer Poul henningsen.

I'm still trying to find the best way to make the inside frame, but I think, since Easter is approaching, I might use the plastic-eggs shape to support the leaves. I might use milk plastic bottle to make the leaves.

I have not figured this out yet, to be honest, I'm just in the planning process but wanted to share this idea with you. The planning process is the part I like the most. It can take forever, but once I have resolved the problem, the making is usually the easiest part.
If you want to share any ideas with me to resolve the making if this lamp, please feel free to leave a comment! I have a lot of traffic on my website but no comment!!! Please be the one and you'll get all of my gratitude forever!

The second one is a much more difficult project that might never take shape because of my ignorance. I would like to make a chair out of plexiglass or lexan. I have some idea how to make chair out of wood (see the fishbone chair post), but Plexiglass is a brand new field to me. Also, to get everything even more complicated, I want to make the iconic Cherner chair:

Bending Plexiglass is something doable, but cutting it looks more difficult. I'm buying a piece of plexiglass this week end and will try cutting using a jigsaw. If this is possible, that might be an exciting project to come. Please leave your comment!

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