Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What to do with soda cans (part2)

I have seen planes on the web made of cans and wanted to give it a try, this is my version of the plane. The first picture is the almost finished plane to give a better idea of what it is made of. Notice the details of the engine made with the tab from the soda cans.

The Result

The tools needed

How to make it

 I got the plan from BC Air,  a website that sells them on line for $9.99 as a pdf. Once you have the basic of making the plane you can really make any plane you want. The pdf is well detailed, and with patience and focus, you will be able to make the plane you want.

The Cost

Beside the plans that cost $10, we usually have everything at home to build this plane, starting with the empty soda cans and the bottle caps (for the wheels and the engine).


Now I have almost finished the plane, I'm starting a triplane that should look like this one and with the tips I found in the construction manual of the first model, I'm not using plan for this one.

From B.C. air Website

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