Sunday, February 13, 2011

A clock made with bottle and pendulum for a art science contest

Most of the time, my job (Scientist) has nothing to do with ucpcyling stuff, but sometime I can not resist. There are tons of items in a laboratory that are trashed, I usually keep some under my bench...

This is a clock I made with a plastic bottle that usually contains reagent and a pipette that was broken, I decided to enter the clock in the art science contest, let see what people will think about it.

The Result:

The picture is ugly, but the clock is displayed in real conditions, at the top of a door. You'll notice that if somebody opens the door, the pendulum will be in trouble. After the picture, I put an other upcycled clock I made, that has been in the lab for years, same kind but with no pendulum.

The tools needed:

The material:
A pendulum movement that you can buy here.

And any pendulum that can fit the theme of your clock. In my case, a lab pipette.
How to make it:

Make just a hole to attach the movement with the nut provided with it. With the dremel, make a hole in the bottom of the bottle to let the pendulum move freely.
To attach the pipette or any other pendulum, I used a paper clip. Each pendulum has its own way of hanging anyway.

The cost:

Around $10 for the mechanism.


The project is only doable because this bottle has a big neck that allow me to access the inside of the bottle and fit the movement easily. If the bottle you choose is too narrow, then you'll have to make an opening in the back.

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