Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A chair made from a shipping pallet (4/4)

Here it is, I could finish the chair before the week end!
It is made with less than 1 shipping pallet. I tried to make a chair with thin profile different from most of the bulky one I could find on line (see previous post). When the wood is ready to be cut, it takes around 2 hours to make it, with some training, the chair can be made in 1 hour. It's really easy and rewarding to make.

The Tools:
Jig saw, tape measurement, drill

The material:
Deck screws (1.5 inches minimum) and a shipping pallet.

How to make it:
The pallet I found, come with two different size of wood.
40 X 3.5 X 5/8 and 
30 X 1.5 X 3

The legs (A and B) come from 40 X 3.5 X 5/8 pieces and the piece of wood that the legs are attached to, come from 30 X 1.5 X 3 pieces.

Step 1 is to make the cut in the stud C that is around 19 inches long.
Step 2 is to cut the legs (A and B) and attache them to the stud.
Step 3 is to cut the pieces that make the seat and the back seat. Start attaching the first piece on the seat closest to the back legs. Cut one piece and screw it, then cut another one.
A regular seat should be 16 inches wide.

The Cost:

As long as you have a pallet and screws, it's pretty cheap to make .


Now that I know how to make a regular chair, I think that I will try to create or replicate a fancier design. The chair is really confortable. I might be tempted in writing a full tutorial and sell the pdf online and give it for free to the followers of my website (thanks Stuart for being my first and only followers in spite of the not-so-bad traffic my blog is having).


  1. Thanks! I'm going to try make the chair this week :)

  2. Wish we had more detail measurements. About this long and around this wide ???

  3. Se ve muy práctico hacerlo... Voy a intertarlo... Gracias por compartir!