Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Work in progress... Making a lamp out of plastic pipes and soda cans Part 1

Today is the deadline for a craft project contest involving electricty that I found online at craftster.org, and I'm a bit late in sending pictures of the final project, for a good reason, I have not started making it yet.
But.... I have all the pieces ready to go into the project, and I can start sharing the few elements that I'm planning to put in the project.
Tonight I'll try to take the picture and will post the final project tomorrow on the blog, with how to do it.
This is the elements I will use to make it :



What I'm planning:
I'm planning to make a desk lamp that will look like a flower, using the soda can to make the flower, I still don't know if everything will hold together properly. We'll see that tomorrow!

The Cost:
$15 in the worse case scenario.
$10 for the lamp and the cord. But if you need to pay for the soda can and the the PVC pipes, around 5 more dollars.

How to make it:
Let see in my next post tomorrow if I can do it.

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