Monday, March 28, 2011

A chair made of a pallet (3/4) progress report...

This weekend I was hoping to complete the chair project, but I only could spend a couple of hours on the project. I tried to stick to the first sketch of the chair I was thinking about and made this :

The good news is that to make this chair you just need a table saw or a jig saw, they both great for it, a drill / screwdriver, tape measurement and a pencil.
I will continue to work on the chair as soon as possible, worse case scenario, it will be this week end, but I might be lucky and find some time during the week.
I will try to give a step by step description of the making process.
I just need to finish the back seat, it should not take more than 30min. My only question is, where should I stop filling the back seat?  All the way through or low enough to be confortable to seat on? I might go for the second option.
Should I finish the seat using wood stainer and give an ironic rich look to this almost free chair, or stay basic and leave it this way?
If you have any idea or advice, just drop me a comment!


  1. Worth putting time into sanding, so that clothing that gets near chair-edges (easy to happen) does not rip/snag. Consider pre-plan: If you wanted to add a fabric-covered back-support (or head-rest, with taller back-rails), where would it be? Drill the holes when first building. Entice someone else to do the rest. Or, plan expecting for throw-pillow behind back

  2. I'm not "unknown." Last comment showed ID. Don't know what happened. Sorry.