Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Bowl made of Chopsticks

Why such a crazy idea?
ReadyMade magazine called out a challenge to use chopsticks in a functional and creative way, the Challenge is called: MacGyver Challenge.

I decided to try a bowl by using as few material as possible. My first idea was to make something that would look like this great Blow up basket from Alessi with chopsticks instead of metal:

The wood glue is pretty strong on the chopsticks and this project is doable, but I decided to try something slightly less minimalist by adding a piece of plywood at the bottom.

The Result:

The tools needed:

A jigsaw, a hammer and a compass should be enough, but if your jigsaw can not cut with angle you'll need to have a file.



The material:

A piece of 3/4 inch plywood or pallet.
30 Chopsticks
wood glue

The Cost:

If you like asian food and collect the chopsticks, it almost a free project (assuming that you have the tools of course). If you don't have a jigsaw, you should get one anyway!

How to make it:

On your piece of wood, draw a 8.5 inches circle, if you have the angle cutting jigsaw, cut the circle with 30 degres angle. If you don't have a jigsaw, you'll have to be patient and with a file, remove enough material to get the 30 degres angle.

Once this is cut, you did the most difficult part.
Now you need to nail and stick the chopsticks all around the circle like this:

I left the equivalent of a chopstick between two chopsticks.
A trick to nail easily, I pre-drilled with a tiny drill bit to help the nailing.
And Voila.....


An easy to do project. The nails + glue give a very sturdy creation. The post on readymade can be seen here.

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