Friday, January 21, 2011

A Torch made of a wine bottle

Recently at work, I saw an old ice machine ready to go to the trash. I had a closer look at the back of the machine.
This is what I saw:

This pipe holder reminded me of an interesting project I saw on Design*Sponge website..

The Result:

The tools needed:

Deck screws
Screw driver

The Material:
Copper Cap
Pipe adapter (1/2 inch diamter)

Teflon Tape

How to make it:

There's nothing complicated about this project the trick is to fit the pipe adapter by using Teflon Tape around. Then you just have to attach the bottle holder to your deck.

The Cost:
Less than $10.
$4 for the wick, $2 for the copper, $4 for the holder.


A New look for your backyard, different from the usual Tiki torch.

[****Safety Note: This is for outdoor use only. The wick should never be set higher than 1-inch, and it's recommended that you exercise the same discretion and common sense that you would with any small open flame.*****]


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