Monday, June 6, 2011

Upcycling shipping pallet into a trunk (1/2)

My son, like most of the lucky kids, has a lot of toys in his room. It's a bit overwhelming. So far, we found easy solutions with Ikea:
But Now, I think it's time to upcycle the shipping pallets I collected recently, see my post.
My project is an old-looking trunk that is using less than 2 shipping pallets, and I will post this project in two parts, because I haven't finished it yet.

I spent 3 hours this week-end, mainly planning where each piece of wood would go because they were a bit damaged and also I had to think about very simple ways to attach everything, nothing fancy so everybody could give it a try, it's like playing Lego!

From wood selection...
...To something that looks like a trunk

I still need to attach the lid and add wood to connect the back
What I have left to do:
I have to buy hinges that will open the trunk, a good sander like this one and some white or blue wood staining to finish the trunk with an old style look.

Trick of the day:
Please don't repeat it, but you might think that using a $180 belt sander to finish an upcycling project is a bit too much. I would agree, and it's really an optional step (you might want to keep the original printing on the wood), BUT I like to test the different tools available at my tool store, and once the project will be done, I'm planning on returning it so that next time I will try a new one. That's what I like about living in the US, it's really easy to do. I have tried a lot of tools this way and sometime I keep one I really like :-)

I will post next week the final result and maybe a schematic like the one I did for the chair here, I will need my next week-end to finish it, now I announced it the pressure is on me!


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  2. Really like your ideas Steph...Wow it´s smart that you can try the tools and then return it..looking forward to see the result :-)

  3. Thanks for your comments Bettina and Aaron! If I decide to make a PDF instructions file for upcycling Shipping pallets. I'll send it to you first :-) and my faithful followers !