Friday, June 10, 2011

Upcycling a coffee cup sleeve

In the last issue of ReadyMade Magazine, there's the new MacGyver Challenge. It's about upcycling a coffee cup sleeve. Since I have heard about this challenge, there were only one thing I could think about that is easy to make.....An other Ipad holder !!!! Please don't think I am a monomaniac with only one think in mind (beside upcycling) but this holder was the obvious project, made for a coffee cup sleeve.

The tool needed:
Almost nothing beside a razor blade and a pencil/ruler

The material:
Almost nothing beside having an Ipad to test it...

The cost:
The price of 2 cups of coffee :-) I don't drink so much coffee, so yesterday I went to the coffee place and took 4 sleeves to give it a try and left right away. I don't know if somebody saw me but they might have thought I was crazy.

The Result:

How to make it:

You need 2 coffee cup sleeves and follow the schematic:

You have to cut through the 2 layers (front and back)

As you can see, Front and back have different cutting patterns


- It's posted on readyMade website, please come and say you like it... if you do ;-)
- It's also  possible to use only one sleeve, and it's almost as stable and sturdy than 2 sleeves:

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