Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Upcycling shipping pallet into a trunk (2/2)

This Saturday, I had time to finish the trunk. Keep in mind that this trunk will stay in my son's bedroom, so the blue might be a bit too much to your taste but I wanted to stay away from white or just wood. It's also the only wood staining bottle I had in my workshop...

The tools needed:
Wood screws, a drill/screwdriver, a jigsaw (or table saw), a brush.
The Material:
2 regular Shipping pallets.

The cost:
$1 for the screws.
$3 for the hinges.

The Result:

How to make it:
The main important step is (like the chair made from shipping pallet) to make each side of the trunk.
This is how they should look like (front and back view):

Once this is done, the most difficult is done, you just have to select and cut the length you want the pieces of wood for the front, back and bottom.
The lid is made of 2 pieces attach together with leftover from the legs. This is a flat view of the lid (seen from the bottom):

The project can be done in 2 week ends. I think I can do some more upcycling on this trunk by using a rope as a handle to open the trunk. I'll post as soon as I find some rope...

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