Saturday, March 3, 2012

Upcycling PVC pipes into lamps

These lamps are sold by Materious, they are made from PVC pipes. I'm still wondering how to make these holes with enough precision. A dremel  and sanding paper might be too difficult, a router might be tricky. The final result looks great, I think I'll try the dremel option. The "bone lamp"  has a $750 price tag, it's a good motivation for me to make my own...


  1. Amazing and creative use of the PVC pipes. Don't Know how people get such a innovative ideas. Wish to have such light lamps for decorating home and garden area.
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  6. I believe a drywall router held on angle will make these holes based on the symmetry of each oval. Try a drill press and a clamp to ensure nothing moves when cutting with pvc.

  7. I meant to say hole-saw. They attach to a drill for cutting circular holes between 1 inch up to 6 inches depending on the one you buy.

  8. Maybe drill circular holes of different dimensions, then heat the PVC pipe and stretch it evenly as possible.

    1. you are exactly right that is how i did it. you can put a smaller pipe inside just before pull to stretch it out this will prevent it from collapsing and make it keep its form. the place that you use to stretch it will be deformed but that is the part that you will cut off straight. I will be making a video on this project soon and posting it on my youtube channel. at