Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time for growing plants and do some upcycling

If like me you have a limited amount of space to do some plant growing, you might like the idea of upcycling items such as pallet, bottle, pipes to grow your veggies and flowers. Take a look at some options:

Vertical gardening from


A full tutorial on how to make your own hanging gutter

PVC Pipes:

Plastic Bottles:

Already shown in my blog from here.

Bags :

Found here
Now I think it's time to seed and start growing plants!


  1. Love these ideas. We have a large backyard area, but live in a community with an HOA that doesn't allow us to keep things outside of our screened in porch. A lot of these can be modified to work well inside the small porch area while still having room to sit and enjoy the outdoors!

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