Thursday, March 8, 2012

Upcycling inner tube into all sorts of things

I wish I could be good at sewing but for now I admire what people can do with pieces of inner tubes put together. On the other side, the jewelry do not need any sewing gift, but they are pieces of art that require a lot of patience. Most of the prjects presented in this post are commercially available and no tutorial, but I thought it's worth mention that upcycling is more and more used and accepted.
There are tons of upcycled bags on lne, this is the one that  like the most, trendy and/or original.
To make bags, inner tubes are perfect for several reasons. First, they develop a finish over time that gives them the soft feeling of a fine Italian leather. Second, they’re 100% waterproof and virtually stain proof, so you can keep your stuff dry without worry any time of year.
From Alchemy Goods

This one is from mnmur 

The Pangolin bags from Cyclus


Bracelet and earings from Urban Lace

Made by a japanese company

By furniture designers Patrick Kerti and Jaap Wijnants

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