Friday, January 13, 2012

Upcycling an old Ikea gorm (shelf) into a shoe rack

Last week, my neighbor trashed an old broken shelf like the one here, it is a "gorm" shelf from Ikea. I could not resist, I had to take the good parts still in good shape to make this little rack I was thinking of...

This is what I could rescue :

It could have been a shoe rack right away, but I needed to give a slightly better look by giving a nice shape to the legs, so I made a quick template like this one :

And I cut using my favorite jigsaw :

Using a sander or just sand paper, it looks much better if the edges are smooth.
I also decided to stain the wood to match the bench color:

And I let it dry over night :

Now I can store more shoes under my bench!!! In style and for really cheap.

Optional step: After staining and drying, you can apply polyurethane to give your rack a shiny protected look of varnish.