Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eco-art from Sarah Turner: The twitter ball

Once in a while, I like to show more artistic project, that are part of exhibitions. This project is an other one made by Sarah Turner, after the great lamps made from plastic bottles that you can see here. Sarah made an other kind of "lamp"s that look awesome. She used 562 plastic bottles and 100's LED light, the final result is fantastic!!


  1. Hi I was wondering if I could use images on this blog of upcycled projects as such for my ICT GCSE work. I am required to ask permission as well as show proof of this. I would be beyond grateful if you could reply with an affirmative.
    Thank you.

    1. Mariam,

      Go for it, I have no problem if you use images from Upcycleus website. Keep in mind that I don't have copyright for all the pictures I insert in this blog. Some creation are not mine but I link the pictures to the original website.
      Good luck with your school work.

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