Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Giving a new life to an old chair is also upcycling, No?
I found this chair in the street few month ago, and for years, I wanted to give a try to reupholstering. I thought that this chair was the perfect occasion to start.


I found some fabric I like at a local store for $50, but I also had to understand how this chair was made, including the buttons on the backseat and all the tacks surrounding the fabric, and also few tricks I didn't know about but you learn them while you remove the old fabric.
I bought an upholstering hammer (thinner than regular hammer) and a tack remover, I also bought a cheap piece of fabric to mess with it before using the expensive and final fabric.


It's a pretty fast description I must admit, if you have question, I'll be happy to answer. Reupholstering was fun, I'll try again if I find the right chair.

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