Friday, May 20, 2011

The fused plastic bags

By Mandolyn on

Bag made by Bekha Worley available on

Made by Chezlin.

It's a classic in upcycling material, and people don't stop being creative with these fused plastic bags.
The bags are fused using an iron and parchment paper on the top of the folded bags. That's the kind of project I would like to try but my sewing skills are close to none. I'll pass on this one but I love what people do and I hope to see Ipad and more computer bags made out of this technique.
Supermarket are selling shopping bags with their own fused plastic bags like Target with the help of the upcycling and recycling company Terracycle.

Interesting story:
By recycling the front cover of Newsweek magazine into an enveloppe, you could send plastic bag to Terracycle and receive a coupon to get the $6 upcycled-bag from Target free, they received 35,000 enveloppes! Here is the full story.

This is a link that will show you how to fuse the bags, click Here.

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