Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Using Sugru

You might already know Sugru but for those who don't know about it:
I have discovered this great "air-curing" rubber that can fix anything. So instead of trashing a power supply, shoes, racks, hooks. Just try Sugru, it looks to me that you can fix almost anything with it and I'm not getting any money or free stuff from this company.
It looks like some play-Doh, it can be formed by hand and once it's exposed to air it cures to a tough flexible silicone rubber overnight.
It looks like the possibilities are endless.

You can protect your cell phone:

You can prevent breaking from your cables:

You can have ergonomic handles:

You can fix shoes and laces :

You can make a camera kids proof and colorful:

You can upcycle stuff too and make:


from instructables.com
Or lego bracelets:
from Instructables.com
I fell in love with this material... I had to share with you!

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