Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The cocktail umbrella lamps

You can buy this exotic lamp from this site here but you'll have to spend $85... If you enjoy craft, you better do it yourself!
You'll have to cut the stick of the umbrella and use a ball to arrange the umbrellas. you'll glue only the overlapping pieces together. When the glue is dry for the first three rows, remove the ball and finish the last row.
When the hemisphere is completely dry, add the cord. Ideally the cord should be just where there's an umbrella, so you remove the tip of the umbrella and cut the 10 little sticks to fit the hole.

If you want to make a full lantern, making it perfectly round might be more difficult.

So I recommend to do this Ikea hack, using the Ikea regolit shade, you just have to stick the umbrella and add a little bit of glue and that's it!


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