Saturday, December 31, 2011

Making flowers with napkins, paper towel or gift tissue paper.

My little one wanted to give his mummy a little rose last night, we improvised with a piece of left over tissue paper from christmas, and and a green pipe cleaner (optional) for the stem.
It's probably the easiest upcycling I published in his blog so far, even my 4-year old could do it!

Starting material

By starting in one corner, you just have to roll the paper to create the rose, starting tight to create the heart and then get loosen.

If you have a pipe cleaner to make the stem, it looks great, if not, you can just play with the paper and roll it to make the stem, like with this napkin or (unused) tissue paper:

probably not a great picture, but you got the idea.

You can also create leaves from the paper by tearing a piece. When I was a kid I used to make these flowers at the end of diner... I guess now it's my son's turn.

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